Past Exhibitions

Our previous exhibitions

  • OPEN
    OPEN exhibition showcased exciting new artwork by professional and amateur artists of the borough of Wigan hosted by The Turnpike Gallery from 28 January - 18 March 2023.
  • Climate. Emergency. Hope
    The Climate. Emergency. Hope exhibition explored some of the urgent issues around the climate emergency, curated by a team of local young people at The Turnpike Gallery from 1 April - 17 June 2023.
  • Creating Space: Imagine, Make, Play
    The Creating Space exhibition celebrated the UEFA Women's Euros 2022 football tournament explore a variety of art materials and techniques, hosted by The Turnpike Gallery from 5th July – 10th September 2022
  • Light Up
    Light Up presented an exhibition of light art featuring the work of artists Jim Bond, Joshua Space and Travelling Light Circus as part of Wigan Borough's annual Light Night festival from 7 October - 16 December 2023.
  • Creating Place I
    Creating Place I invited visitors to explore what home means to them through community created artworks and a special installation by Mohammad Barrangi, from 1 July until 16th September 2023.
  • Drawn In
    Drawn In opened from 2nd April to 11 June 2022 and celebrated 50 years of the Turnpike Gallery, presenting a wide range of drawings and works on paper by artists who had previously exhibited at the gallery.
  • Geometric Light by Zarah Hussain
    A specially selected exhibition with the artist which presented digital projections and animations from 2005-2022 alongside her most recent paintings, on display from 15 October - 17 December 2022.
  • Creating Place II
    Creating Place II featured four new commissions by local artists inspired by our local environment and heritage, from 20 January – 30th March 2024.